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What are your competitors up to?

  • What are they saying or offering and how?
  • When and where are they saying - which publishers and audience?
  • How often are they saying it and how much are they spending?
  • How is their activity impacting your effectiveness?
What could you do if you knew this in near real time?

Creative Resources - See every ad

  • IAB and Non-Standard Ad-Types
  • Display: Image, Animated, Overlay, Interstitual, Rich and Skin
  • Video & OTT: In-Video, Overlay, & Outstream
  • Social: Image, Carousel, Video, & Marketplace

Our Monitoring System

All calibrated to reflect the demographic profile of users across 34 global markerts

  • Human Panel: 8.6m Opt-In Panellists Globally (GDPR certified)
    • 500K+ in Australia
  • Virtual Panel: 1B+ Page Visits Daily
    • 500K+ in Australia

Your digital universe - Define & Review

  • Millions of occurences captured daily
  • 750K+ Advertisers
  • 100K+ Display Publishers
  • 10K+ Video Publishers & YouTube Channels

Access your way

  • Advertiser, Competitor, Publisher Reports: deep dive or regular
  • AdClarity Pro: Intuitive UI & Reporting Interface Updated Daily
  • Data Integration & API: Load Data into Existing BI Tools

How effective is your advertising

  • Where are your ads ending up?
  • Are you fully compliant?
  • Are you getting what you paid for?