How can you benefit from AdClarity?

Media Agencies

A monitoring service that is both broad and deep, AdClarity can provide the complete performance picture by category, brand or campaign. It has the largest and most comprehensive ad intelligence coverage in the world so provides you with the tools to get a deeper insight into your own programmatic, direct and campaigns to answer questions such as:

  • the effectiveness of actual placement
  • knowing exactly where the messages are seen
  • were they visible above the fold?
  • did they generate the expected response?
  • which competitors were active in these spaces
  • what share of voice did you achieve?

or a detailed review of competitive initiatives

  • what creative messages are being used
  • recurring campaigns or new initiatives
  • impressions achieved and estimated investment levels

When you’re on the new business trail, AdClarity even has a special service to provide a one-off comprehensive review of your category of interest, as defined by you, to give you the inside track on past performance. you can see:

  • what creative messages were used
  • recurring campaigns and recent initiatives
  • impressions achieved and estimated investment levels

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