How can you benefit from AdClarity?


Advertising sales teams need a comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of how brands and media buyers are spending their budgets when trying to reach audiences in your space.

You can monitor actual placement on your assets to ensure the clients ads achieve the level of viewability they expect. You can get an accurate picture of the effectiveness of all your clients’ placements. You can review:

  • which ads were seen where?
  • their exact placement on site
  • how they were served
  • how effective were they in getting a response?

You can get all that data on brands you’d like to have on your site and even get a complete picture of what digital advertising competitive publications are carrying and how their effectiveness ranks again your own. Imagine knowing:

  • What advertisers your competitors are attracting?
  • How much their clients are investing?
  • What their channel mix is?

The AdClarity service includes all animated, static and rich media banner ads from over 1,100 publisher websites and we can add any of the long tail that you’d like to keep an eye on.

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