How can you benefit from AdClarity?


AdClarity provides a rich source of online advertising data that covers display, social, app & video advertising and is bang up to date. It is the largest and most comprehensive ad intelligence service in the world. Country by country, it clearly shows all campaigns, their executions and creative messages, their placements, calls to action and landing pages. It itemises where they appeared, how they were bought and how many impressions they generated. It allows professionals to gain myriad insights that improve the performance of future campaigns.

Insights based on:

  • individual campaign performance
  • channels used
  • share of voice
  • placement and visibility
  • buying methods
  • competitive activities

For a researcher it is a goldmine, as it offers customised data solutions including direct data feeds, data exports, API, and custom dashboards, to you’re your research specifications. Data can be provided at any level of granularity and cadence to incorporate into other proprietary offerings.

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